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Welcome to the online edition of Ruym. We are hoping that this organ will be instrumental in the renaissance of the Old Ruymians Club, bringing together former pupils of Chatham and Clarendon House Grammar School(s), and providing support to the school both financially and through our experiences.

Sing the School Song in style!

in St Peter-in-Thanet Church

on WEDNESDAY, 5 th JUNE 2019 at 7.00p.m.
by NIGEL PURSEY (Shrewsbury Abbey)

Nigel, with his brother Brian, both former pupils, have written the music for the School song as no original score could be found. All those who would have sung the song are most welcome to attend and to take refreshment afterwards, in the Red Lion, among friends. (For more information please contact 01843 602757)

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Our History

Chatham House school started life as the Humble School founded in 1797 by Dr Humble. Clarendon House was founded in 1905 and was situated on the first floor of Ramsgate police station, presumably to keep the 50 young ladies in the care of the Merriman sisters safe from the gentlemen of Chatham House.

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School Donations

The Old Ruymians have made considerable donations to the school over the years. This year we have supported the purchase of camping equipment for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which gives valuable experiences to young people outside of the confines of the school. The music department has also been provided with some high quality music stands.

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Writers wanted

No, this man is not wanted by the Kent Police, he is actually Iain Aitch author, writer, creative, personality and former pupil at CHS & CCHGS.

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Social Events

The Old Ruymians arrange various social and sporting events for their members. These include the long running Old Ruymians Cricket as well as Old Ruymians Hockey and Golf Days, and informal lunches. A dinner is held once a year, as you might expect of an annual dinner, and next year will be held on ....

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Team Photos

People always enjoy browsing old photos. Many of these have been lost in our many moves and adventures. However, here is an opportunity to share those that you have with others and to find out the names of any you may have forgotten!

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Diary Dates

OR Annual General Meeting
Saturday 29th June 2019

OR Reunion Dinner
Saturday 29th June 2019

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Contact Corner

We may be able to help you track down old school friends. Contact honsec@oldruymians.co.uk and where possible the secretary will contact the member and give them your contact details.

We have been asked if we can locate:

Bernard Montgomery