Mike Tyrrell


OR Cricket Week

Mark Lewis



Janet Hughes


Friends of School Rep

Sue Hurrell

Hon Secretary

John Copeland


Committee Member

Anthony Jones

Hon President

Colin Harvey


Committee Member

Geoff Ward

Newsletter December 2020

18th December 2020 Dear Old Ruymians, I hope that you are all well and keeping safe and out of harm’s way! What a disappointing year 2020 has turned out to [ … ]

Letter from the chairman

An offer of assistance to Mike Tyrrell has propelled me into the Chair of the Club. Something I had not anticipated, but which after some deliberation, I accepted wholeheartedly. The [ … ]

No doubt that the faces of the newly elected committee will be familiar to you even if you are not able to recall their names. The committee is always delighted to hear from any members or others connected with the school(s) and their emails have been provided. We would also be happy to hear from anyone who would be willing to help run events or to write articles for the website.

More up to date photographs of the incumbents will be published in due course.

Feedback to editor@oldruymians.co.uk would be welcome.


Some would have you believe that attending the Old Ruymians AGM is like watching paint dry, but let me assure you that this event represents the very finest in contemporary theatre. Set in the old school library, the event is a subtle blend of "Yes, Minister" and Cluedo. Whilst the script is frequently repeated the opportunity for improvisation is rarely missed, particularly in the "toys thrown out of the pram" act. There is a fairly regular, if declining cast and newcomers are gladly welcomed to any performance. The audience is invariably on tenterhooks unsure as to whether the meeting will close before or after the bar in the dining hall has been opened. Whilst there is some talk of this annual ritual being replaced in the future by a more democratic electronic process, I would recommend that you take the opportunity of witnessing the event on at least one occasion. The next AGM is scheduled for Saturday 27th June 2020 in the traditional school library, in advance of the Annual Reunion Dinner which will be held in the dining hall. There is no need for an audition, just turn up on the day.