My Chatham House Schooldays

My Chatham House Schooldays

From days of youth and carefree bliss
Sweet memories still of school
The countless days 1 reminisce
When we were taught by rule

L was fifty one to fifty five
My memory serves me well
Chatham House where we would strive
To run like stink... not hell

I quote our sporting master
Jacobson his name
Who urged that we run faster
Whatever the event or game

"Run like stink son" he would cry
This man we knew as Jake
To run a race or score a try
With a win or loss at stake

A Jovial man like many others
Through all forms one to four
Our tutors were a band of brothers
Hell bent that we learn more

From the top... Headmaster Pearce
I felt his wrath one day
The stick he wielded not too fierce
But misbehave...we'd pay

Eggy tried I felt
But we were not in tune
Played his Elgar...nothing else
Whilst we were raised on croon

Monsieur Thompson taught Francais
But he was strict and stern
To laugh and joke was not his way
Was there to make us learn

Herr Phillips did his German speak
Imparted same to us
He saw fit our hair to tweak
Along with a Germanic cuss

Too many there were to muse like this
More names I can recall
From A to Z here is the list
Fond memories of them all

Allaire ... Bateman ... Bishop ... Bower
Cawthorne ... Curzon recall I do
Delaney ... do Rome all men so dour
Gobby Fleming and Goodram too
Glrldn ... Gordon...Greig were there
Jordan .. .Lane and Leach
Savage ... Thicket ... Thurlow ... so debonair
As were Yeo and Weekes

By R (gob) Lee (June 2020)


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  1. Tony Carpenter

    My Chatham House Schooldays;

    What a brilliant composition of the character of the school. Many of the names were current to my time there (1956 – 1964) and some were previous but historic characters retained in the annals of the schools history.

    Great – many thanks.

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