Old Ruymians Cricket 2023


President: Andrew Signorell
Chairperson: Mark Lewis
Vice-Chair: David Walton
Honorary Secretary: Senura Ratiyala
Honorary Treasurer: Mark Lewis
Match Manager: Dennis Hester

Old Ruymian Cricket 2023

We were very fortunate to gain some very generous support from the Old Ruymian Club in 2022. For us to secure a long-term relationship with the Club, it would be good to have a number of our cricketing “family” join up. Details and membership forms are attached to this correspondence.

Early Season Fixture
As well as cricket week in August, we are keen to reinstate the fixture against the
School 1st XI.

Wednesday 26th April, 3pm: Chatham and Clarendon GS 1st XI

(An early season T20) could you please give your availability to the committee as soon as
possible for this match.

Cricket Week: 14th to 18th August, 2023
The summer of 2022 was the centenary of the first cricket season for Chatham House Grammar School for Boys, made up from the merger of the original Chatham House School and The County Boys School (once based at the Clarendon House site). We were able to provide four days of enjoyable cricket. For 2023, we have been able to find 5 fixtures for the first time in 25 years. We hope the Cricket Week can go from success to success. We need your support’’.

The Old Ruymian Club cricket week has a long tradition, with some golden years. In the 1930s, ‘Con’ Davies, of Warwickshire CCC and JB Guy of Oxford University and Warwickshire CCC, venerable old boys, put opposition bowlers to the sword. Con, played for many years for Alexandra Park CC, the ORs oldest standing fixture. In the 70s and 80s Tommy Thomas with his wonderful family and a few friends, catered for a wonderful week of cricket, well supported by a wide range of cricketing ORs, from many different eras at the school. Ian and Caroline Flower maintained this momentum into the new millennium, but the decline in cricket at the school and locally, as well as new working patterns, meant fulfilling fixtures became more difficult. Issues at the school since the merger have not helped. However, we are committed to reinstating the cricket week as a major fixture in the local sporting calendar.

Monday 14th August, 1pm: Nelson CC (Ramsgate based club, formed in 1948, the club is full of ORs and celebrates its 75th Anniversary in April 2023)
Tuesday 15th August, 1pm: XL Club (New Fixture: The “Forty Club” is a national network of cricketers seeking friendly games. The Kent section has a number of players that have represented England XL Club in overseas tournaments)
Wednesday 16th August, 1pm: South London Strollers CC (A new fixture in 2023. A touring side of young graduate working professionals who enjoy the social side of cricket as much as the playing side)
Thursday 17th August, 1pm: Ramsgate Corinthian CC (founded in the 1930s, Corinthians are one of the longest surviving local clubs, again with a number of ORs as present and past members)
Friday 18th August, 1pm: Alexandra Park CC (the longest running fixture. ‘Con’ Davies was a member of AP for most of his life. So, the link with the ORs was made back in the 1930s).
Players selected for this fixture are requested to commit to the after-match celebrations. If you are unable to stay until 9.30pm, please let us know. Obviously, we will select you if we cannot get enough players able to stay for the evening. We look forward to seeing you in August as a spectator, sponsor, or, most importantly, as a player. Please let the match-manager, (Dennis Hester) know of your availability as soon as possible. We will send out the provisional sides by the end of May.
Senura Ratiyala
Dennis Hester – dennishester92@gmail.com
Senura Ratiyala – senura.ratiyala@gmail.com
David Walton – dwwalton154@yahoo.co.uk’


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