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Junior School July 1963

Junior School Paste Up 2

Here is a carefully reconstructed version of most of the Junior School photo from July 1963. In the tradition of Kintsugi (the Japanese art of mending broken pots) selected scans of the original image have been resized, overlaid and assembled to create an image possibly even more evocative of the era than the original. (ed.)

Thanks to Terry Day who provided the ingredients for the collage, and who commented:

The panorama, which I remember being taken, was on the lower cricket field, outside the Head’s Study - it is of the Junior School from 1963. Pete [Arnold] and I were in the 2nd Form then and so this was our last year in the Junior School. The ‘close up’ is of the House Masters of the Junior School at the time. Seated in the centre is Bill Pearce - Headmaster, to his right is Jack Straw, Head of the Junior School, and a teacher whose name we can’t remember. To his left is Gareth Perry, Mike Pardy and ?? Bunting. Thanks to Pete for coming up with the teachers names, I only remembered WPP and Bunting, although I remembered the rest. I also remembered Mike Pardy was a semi-pro footballer who played for Ramsgate Athletic F.C. When we were in the First Form he set us an essay on “My Efforts in Competitive Cacophony” when he came into a lesson where we had been making a heck of a noise. I had to look up ‘cacophony’!!!


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  1. Leperail

    I think I must be in this photo as I was in Brackenburys and Head of the Junior School in 1963.
    Best wishes from France to all Ruymians
    Terry DENNETT
    CHS 1961-69

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