Letter from the chairman

An offer of assistance to Mike Tyrrell has propelled me into the Chair of the Club. Something I had not anticipated, but which after some deliberation, I accepted wholeheartedly.
The Club has a long history, has been managed by many of the members and we must all make a contribution to ensure that it continues well into the future.
Meetings with the elected Officers, John Copeland and Janet Hughes also OR Tony Debling, who has now organised the Golf Tournament for some 10 years, confirmed that it was a wise decision. I am confident that with their support and assistance, we will have a good year(s).
We must be very thankful to Mike Tyrrell for his valiant efforts in keeping the Club together and moving it forward. He has agreed to continue assisting the current Officers as Membership Secretary and he will be a valuable asset editing the OR newsletter. We must also be thankful to John and Janet for their excellent contributions to the Club during the last three years and for continuing in Office.
The main purpose of the Club is of course, to support the School financially. This we have done since its formation and through our collective effort we have donated many thousands of Pounds. I trust that with your continued support we will continue to do so well into the future. We have an impressive record and one to build on. With your continued support we will achieve this, not only through your subscriptions but also by attracting old friends to the Club who are not members.
Finally, our intention is to continue working closely with the Friends of the School (previously known as the P.T.A.) and to this end I am proposing to participate in the forthcoming Friends’ Boot Fair on 18 August. Anything that you can contribute would be most welcome for this and future events. I can collect in the Thanet area and those who live further away might be able to send something (small and light)) through the post. Address Llys y Coed, 20 London Road, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 0DB. Telephone no. 01843 852629.

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